India is famous for high quality coconut farms. Mainly harvested in South India, lush green farms of coconut producing tasty, nutritious coconut. B G R Global Exim procures best quality coconuts from the farmers of South India, sorts, packs and dispatch as per the agreed schedule.

Tender coconut with delicious water having great nutritional values good for health, cures diseases. Brown coconut used for Pooja, desiccated coconut used in curries, sambar for delicious taste.

High quality coconut Fibre used in making ropes, brushes, cushions, mattresses etc. Coir pith is excellent soil conditioner, holds the moisture used in horticulture, floriculture.

We export tender coconuts, dried coconuts, coconut fibre, copra, coir ropes, coir pith, coconut charcoal.



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